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History of Trauma Coaching and the IAOTRC

For five years The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC) has been offering courses to those wishing to become Trauma Recovery Coaches. Lately, we’ve had people ask for a certification course for those who don’t want to coach, but that still offers high-quality education that the Association is known for. This course offers knowledge about trauma and its impact across various aspects of the life of the survivor. 

Why CTS?

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! My name is Alinda. Welcome to my course page! I will deliver the CTS course with vigor and passion as someone who has found her calling in helping trauma survivors and those who serve them. With strength areas such as adult children of toxic parents and survivors of child abuse and neglect, I incorporate creative lessons with open-ended activities to structure the course. I will teach the course through a trauma lens with plenty of opportunities to explore a variety of experiences relevant to those affected by trauma. The focus will be on providing trauma informed modalities for use in the students' personal and professional lives
















I have worked in a leadership and mentoring position for the IAOTRC for over two years and have taken many continuing education courses and obtained additional specialized certifications to improve my own understanding of trauma and all its implications. These courses included the Mother Wound, Shame, Creative Writing and Trauma, Domestic Violence, and Suicide Prevention. I’ve also received certification in Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies with Linda Thai. I have taught workshops and CE courses in topics such as Emotional Literacy, the Inner Critic, and Gaslighting. In addition to being a certified supervisor and trauma coach, I have earned a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in English

Benefits of the Certification

In response to requests for such training, the Association is launching its Certified Trauma Specialist program in January of 2023. These courses are specifically designed to provide training and certification to students who don’t wish to offer healing interventions, but who instead wish to incorporate a knowledge of trauma into their existing profession – teachers and other school staff members, clergy people and church staff, non-profit agency staff, those who work in medical and dental offices…the list is limitless.

For those who receive the Trauma Specialist Certificate and would like to become a coach, IAOTRC accommodates that need as well. The Trauma Recovery Certification course begins a couple of weeks after you complete the CTS course.

Sadly, trauma surrounds us everywhere. If your business serves people, it serves trauma survivors. Knowing how to best support your customers and create policies, procedures and processes that make you able to serve them more effectively is what the Certified Trauma Specialist course is all about.

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